Renting in London Town.

Thanks for taking an interest in renting with us.

See information about renting below. You can find out how to set up your utilities and council tax accounts here.


References & Documentation

In order to be successful in your tenancy application we require you to provide full references and undergo a credit check.

Summary of info/ documents required:

  1. Your details:  Full names, address and contact details
  2. Colour ID:   Passport or UK driving license – colour scan or photograph (member of our team will need to see your original as well)
  3. Proof of Income:  Minimum of 3 months bank statements and payslips
  4. Proof of Address:  Utility/ council tax bill
  5. Landlord Reference:  Rent paid, contract term and comments
  6. Employer Reference:  Position, salary and length of contract
  7. Details of next of kin:  In case of an emergency (name/ number and email address)
  8. Alternative address:  Ideally a permanent address (family or friends) for deposit registration and end of tenancy communication

No previous landlord?   Not to worry! You can provide a character reference from a professional that can attest to your character.
Who does the referencing?   We collect all the documents outlined above and a third party referencing company completes the credit check as well as employment/ landlord reference.

Studying in London?    Great! See below.



If you are studying in London and do not work full time then we will also need documentation outlined in the referencing section and:

  1.  A UK-based homeowner to guarantor to guarantee the rent (see guarantor requirements   below)
  2.  For rent to be paid up front (generally 6 monthly or annually in advance)

Moving from abroad ?    Great! See the next section below.



If you are moving from abroad we will require all of the information and references outlined above.

Bank statements:  We would also need bank-verified bank statements for 3 – 6 months in any currency.

Employment secured already?   If this is the case, we would complete standard employment reference with your new employer. If you have a signed employment contract then you could send this to us.

Employment not secured?   If you do not have a full time permanent job at present then we would require either of the following in addition to documentation outlined in the referencing section above:

  1.  A UK-based homeowner as guarantor to guarantee the rent  (see guarantor requirements below)
  1.  Rent to be paid up front (generally 6 monthly, with overlap of 2 months after the 1st payment)



If you do not pay rent up front nor do you have a full time permanent job currently then you would need to have a guarantor to guarantee the rent.

References required?  They are the same as those outlined in the referencing section above. In addition to this they will need to be a UK-based homeowner and we will require proof of homeownership.



We will always collect a security deposit (bond) of a minimum of 6 weeks rent to be protected in one of the approved deposit protection schemes, namely  my|depositsDPS or TDS


Tenancy Fees

We charge fees to cover the costs & time involved in arranging your new tenancy. Our fees consist of the following (unless otherwise previously specified).

  • Tenancy Fees: Contracts/ admin: £210
  • Referencing: £45 pp and £45 per guarantor
  • Inventory & schedule of condition: from £95 to £195 depending on the property
  • Check-in: £45
  • Contract renewal fees:  £75 – £120


Please feel free to contact us at any time. 

You can reach us now on +44 (0) 203 642 6715