LIONLEASE® Property Management Ltd, trading as Brick & Sterling


Note: 20% VAT does not apply to our fees. VAT may apply to any consultants, contractors or agents we instruct on your behalf.


£50 per hour. Retainer may be payable subject to the nature and scope of your project.


1.5-2.5% of the property or land purchase price. A £2,500 retainer is payable up front and the remainder payable upon exchange of contracts or completion. Our fees are billed at £50 per hour.


Sole agency:  2% of the sale price achieved.

Multiple agency:  3% of the sale price achieved.

Transaction management:  From 0.5% of the sale price achieved; or a minimum of £950.00.

Our selling services incur a minimum startup fee of £250. Our fees are billed at £50 per hour up to the rate quoted above. We will keep you informed about the costs as things progress.


Sole agency:  8% of the annual rent for our sole agency letting service, payable in advance on exchange of contracts.

Multiple agency: 9% of the annual rent achieved payable in advance on exchange contracts.

Renewal fees:  8% of the annual rent for the duration of the tenancy, payable in advance upon renewal or extension of the tenancy.

Transaction management:  We can instruct agents on your behalf and oversee the letting process for you for 2% of the annual rent achieved; or a minimum of £500.00, payable in advance on completion of contracts.

In the event we instruct letting agents on your behalf, our transaction management fees will apply in addition to their fees. The agents we work with charge fees varying from 5% to 12% (+ VAT), with various attractive payment and contract terms. We will outline your options so that you can make an informed decision.

Note: Letting fees are payable annually in advance. Our letting services incur a minimum startup fee of £150. Our fees are billed at £50 per hour up to the rate quoted above.  We will keep you informed about the costs as things progress.


We can manage your property for 7% of the annual rent payable monthly in advance.


Tenants are not required to pay any fees for renting a property.

Consulting services: £50 per hour

Tenancy agreement: £195

Deposit registration (payable yearly): £65

Tenant referencing: £75 per tenant

Check-in: £50

Inventory: On a quotation basis