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We developed the Brick & Sterling Internship as a natural response to the rapid evolution of the consulting marketplace and job market.

The marketplace for consulting services is fiercely competitive. Companies such as ours need to explore new ways to attract the brightest minds in order to set us apart from our competition and build our business.

Equally, the job market is just as competitive. The decisions you make concerning your career now can have a serious impact on your life now and in the future. We are fully aware of the struggle to secure interviews, let alone to obtain application feedback or responses from employers for that matter.

We are also aware that some internships do not offer any meaningful contribution to your experience, skills or knowledge and can often limit your free time to find other opportunities.

As such, we have developed the Brick & Sterling Internship and membership in order to solve these problems. You get the opportunity to work with a forward-thinking consulting firm and all the benefits that come with membership. We get your unique input and insight while working on projects and solving problems.

We are seeking people who are unique, diverse and aspirational, and dedicated to their own future, regardless of background or education.

Membership benefits

  • Gain varied consulting/research experience to fast-track your skills, knowledge and career development
  • Record your experience: add experience gained to your CV/LinkedIn
  • You can complete the internship remotely, including from home
  • You choose the times and days of the week that you complete the programme
  • You do not need to do any work, it is completely up to you if you complete the programme or not
  • You do not need to be in the United Kingdom

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